Overstock.com Relaunches Bed Bath & Beyond with 20% Discount!

• Overstock.com acquired Bed Bath & Beyond’s intellectual property assets for $21.5 million in June and launched it again in the US on August 1st.
• The company has added 600,000 bed & bath items to its inventory and customers can enjoy several discounts and rewards from Club O and Welcome Rewards loyalty programs.
• Despite successfully rebranding, Overstock has not decided on a new corporate name yet as they aim to remove confusion associated with liquidation sales.

Overstock’s Relaunch of Bed Bath & Beyond

Overstock officially relaunched bankrupt retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond on Aug 1 in the United States after acquiring its intellectual property assets for $21.5 million in June. The successful transition and rebranding of the store was implemented earlier in Canada on June 29th.

Benefits for Customers

Customers exploring the new website will find up to $50 of loyalty reward points reinstated from their previous Bed Bath & Beyond accounts. Additionally, they can enjoy many other enticing benefits, such as a generous 20% discount, seamless transfer of membership, and the retention of all existing rewards from Club O, Overstock’s former loyalty program, into the new Welcome Rewards loyalty program. Anyone downloading the new Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app will receive an exclusive 25% off on their initial purchases. This offer serves as an added incentive.

Decision On Corporate Name

Despite the successful relaunch and rebranding efforts, Johnson indicated that the company has yet to decide on a new corporate name. The move to change its name from Overstock.com was necessary as it aimed to eliminate confusion among customers and suppliers who previously associated the company with liquidation sales .

Overstock’s Transformation

Overstock began 1999 as a liquidator before transforming into a broad merchandise retailer in 2004 In 2021, this transformation is complete with its acquisition of Bed Bath & Beyond’s intellectual property assets for $21 million USD which included its iconic name brand recognition amongst customers worldwide which would help drive sales growth long-term for Overstock moving forward under their newly formed entity “Bed & Bath & Beyond”.


As we can see from these developments over time Overstock has made some big moves to become one of the most recognizable names in online retail today by leveraging Bed Bath & Beyond’s well-known brands globally through their own platform which allows them access to more customers than ever before while still maintaining their original identity at heart through their iconic logo design which pays homage to both companies’ history together now under one roof!