Elon Musk’s Unexpected U-Turn on BOB AI Causes 45% Price Plunge

• BOB is a chatbot created by Indian programmer Prabhu Biswal, designed to provide explanations for tweets.
• In April 2023, BOB rose in value after receiving approval from Elon Musk.
• However, in June 2023, Musk accused BOB of being a scam and the token plummeted by 45%.

The Mysterious Rise of BOB Token

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) — BOB is an AI chatbot created by Indian programmer Prabhu Biswal and was running on the ERC-20 network since April 2023. It provided concise explanations for tweets and gained 400,000 followers in just a few months with its explainer moniker “ExplainThisBob”. It eventually caught the attention of Elon Musk himself who expressed his approval with a tweet that caused the price of BOB tokens to rise about 5%.

Musk’s Unexpected U-Turn

However, on June 18th, Mr.Musk shocked everyone by accusing the AI of being a scam and suspended it from Twitter (which he owns). This sudden change of opinion could be due to his recent distrust of Artificial Intelligence in general. As soon as this news broke out, the token plunged by about 45%.

The Speculative Nature Of Meme Coins

Meme coins are known for their relentless love with constant price crashes, scams, and absurd “go to the moon” scenarios. Despite this unpredictable nature they possess an entertaining quality that makes people look into them in the first place.

What’s Next For BOB?

It remains uncertain what will happen next for BOB as it has been officially suspended from Twitter without any plans for revival at this point in time. While there may be some hope left that it could one day make its comeback on social media or elsewhere, only time will tell whether that happens or not.

Final Thoughts On The AI Revolution

Bobs fate serves as an important reminder to us all regarding the potential dangers associated with artificial intelligence when used irresponsibly or unchecked and unregulated. We must always stay vigilant when working with such powerful technology because even if something seems beneficial at first glance can quickly turn sour like we have seen here with Bobs suspension from Twitter