Create NFTs on Bitcoin – Introducing the Ordinals Protocol

• NFTs are a popular blockchain application that have mainly been used on Ethereum, but the Ordinals protocol now allows them to be created on Bitcoin.
• The use of Bitcoin for NFTs is great news as it strengthens its role as a store of value and increases its competitiveness.
• Ordinals are composed of two parts: an individual satoshi and an inscription which can be used to transfer ownership of data on the Bitcoin blockchain.

What Are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that exist on blockchains like Ethereum and offer unique forms of ownership, tracking, and trading of digital items. In recent years, NFTs have become a breakout application for Ethereum and other blockchains due to their mainstream user base. Despite this popularity, many users did not turn to Bitcoin even though it has the highest level of security and most proven capacity as a store of value.

What Are Ordinals?

Ordinals is a protocol that was introduced in late 2022 that makes it possible for NFTs to exist on Bitcoin. It consists of two parts: an individual satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin), which is identified by its order in the Bitcoin protocol; and an inscription which is written or inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain associated with that “marked” satoshi at the time it was created. Each subsequent ordinal increments its counter by one, creating a single ordinal collection referred to as “ordinal 0”.

Impact On The Future Of Bitcoin

The introduction of Ordinals has had several positive effects on the future of Bitcoin. Firstly, more value can now be stored on the network incentivizing participation from miners who compete for rewards; secondly, we have seen an increase in nodes operating resulting in higher competitiveness among miners; finally, with over $16 million paid in bitcoin for 288 Yuga Labs ordinals already, Bitcoin NFTs are quickly becoming viewed as a new “gold standard” reinforcing its status as a store of value globally.


In conclusion, the introduction of Ordinals has been great news for both collectors looking to purchase valuable digital assets as well as investors looking for increased security and stability through storing their wealth within BTC’s blockchain technology – making BTC even more appealing than ever before!

Takeaway Message

Ordinals allow people to inscribe data onto Bitcoin’s blockchain while also assigning ownership using “marked” satoshis – leading to an increase in overall security while strengthening BTC’s place as global standard for store of value!